High voltage lines pose threat to residents

High voltage lines pose threat to residents

CHAPALI (UPPER CHITRAL): High voltage transmission lines dangling from a damaged pylon over a house in Chapali village have become a constant threat to the local residents. However, the power utility department has not fixed the fault for over a year now.

Talking to ChitralToday, Shujat Ali Bahadur said an electric pole installed beside his house at Ali Bagh in Chapali got damaged and tilted during heavy snowfall last year.

He said high voltage lines passing through the pole have become a threat to the inmates of the house. Wooden plunks have been used to check the broken and tilted pole from falling on the house.

Despite repeated complaints, the officials concerned of Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) concerned and the local administration are yet to take notice of the issue and fix the broken pole.

He said the pole can fall anytime as it cannot withstand the pressure of strong winds or snowfall in the winter. If the pole falls, it will not only damage the house but can also result in loss to human life.

Mr Shujat warned that if any untoward incident occurred because of the broken pylon, the WAPDA officials and the district administration would be held responsible for it.

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