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Contractor’s move to divert fund for bridge questioned

CHITRAL: At the first meeting of the newly-formed Falah-e-Insaniyat Tanzeem at Baroom village of Lot Oveer, the participants expressed concerns over an announcement made by a contractor to transfer the fund for construction of a bridge in Bagh.

The matter was raised by youth of the area during the meeting of the Tanzeem chaired by its president Zar Ahmed Khan.

The youth said the contractor had announced to transfer the fund elsewhere. On this, the meeting decided to approach the departments concerned to get the licence of the contractor Ibadur Rehman cancelled if transferred the fund.

The participants demanded a probe to ascertain who was responsible for it. They said the contractor was not authorized to transfer any fund and supposed only to execute a project awarded to him.

The meeting was told that the Tanzeem has been established in order to raise a voice at different forums for the development of the area.

Lot Oveer is a scenic area and can attract tourists but due to lack of roads and bridges its tourism potential could not be exploited so far.




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