Panic in Garam Chashma as infected locals roam around

MOGH: The people of Garam Chashma are in the grip of a panic fearing the spread of COVID-19 in the entire valley from the worst-affected villages of Mogh and Nizh.
Even after finding 11 people from Mogh, comprising about 60 houses, infected with the deadly virus, the village has not been sealed by the district administration to save the local residents and villages from being infected.
People of the infected villages are freely moving around and mingling with people in the markets and other villages.
The residents have expressed the fear that this free for all situation will lead to a massive local transmission of the deadly virus in the entire valley. They have repeated their demand to seal the Mogh village to prevent further spread of the virus and also tracing of the contacts of the positive patients.
Mogh is the village with the highest literacy rate in the entire Garam Chashma valley and is home to many high ranking officials. But despite all this distinction, the efforts of volunteers have been undermined, safety measures and SOPs violated leading to infections.
In other far-flung villages, the volunteers were able to implement the SOPs and convince villagers to adopt safety measures and follow the SOPs.
The people of the valley have called upon the district administration of Lower Chitral to direct the area police to take action against those violating the SOPs.

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  1. There is no differences between Nizh and Bramuli we are talking about whole Mough both to be sealed in order to mitigate Covid 19 from further spreading in the area.

  2. Dear ZAK Sb
    Please correct the name of village in report, Bramuli is not the effected one, it must be Nizh where 4-5 cases have been reported. This type of error may cause panic in the families and relatives living in other countries and cities.

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