Govt establishing Kalash festival places and graveyards

BUMBURATE: The process for acquisition of land for Kalash festival places and graveyards has started with the distribution of cheques among the landowners

In this regard, Commissioner Malakand Division Riaz Khan Mehsud visited Bumburate and Rumbur and distributed checks among the landowners.

The commissioner handed over cheques for Rs4.3 million to the landowners for the Kalash graveyard at Karakal in Bumburate, Rs1.6 million for Broon graveyard, Rs4.5 million for a festival place at Bhathit in Rumbur and over Rs4.5 million for the Balankoro festival place in Rumbur.

Speaking on the occasion, the commissioner said Kalash community members spend all their life-time savings on rituals at the time of the death of their loved ones and then faced financial crunch.

In order to help the community arrange these rituals, the government has decided to set up an endowment fund from which each Kalash family would get financial help. He said very soon the community would be given Rs50 million for this purpose.

He said the government also arranged land at five places which will be handed over to the community where they could arrange their religious and other festivals.

The commissioner told the people that the government had also approved construction of a road (like the ones in Islamabad) from the Chitral town to Bumburate which would not only facilitate the locals but would also promote tourism in the area.

He said the Kalash community had preserved their centuries-old culture and traditions that were well known all over the world.

The commissioner said in Pakistan rights and freedom of the minorities were given more importance that that of the majority Muslims and the government was working to resolve all issues faced by the minorities on a priority basis.

Assistant Commissioner Chitral Abdul Wali Khan and elders of the area were present on the occasion.–Muhkam Uddin Ayuni for ChitralToday (


Kalash festival places


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