Kalash community gets representation in minorities’ body

ISLAMABAD: Dawood Shah, a member of the Kalash community of Chitral, has been recommended for inclusion as member in the National Commission on Minorities (NCM).

Dawood Shah, in his early 40s, belongs to Rumbur and holds a BA degree.

Locals told ChitralToday that Mr Shah is well versed on the religious and cultural matters of the Kalash tribe.

The commission is being reconstituted after its three-year tenure expired recently.

The federal cabinet on April 15 approved the reconstitution of the commission and asked the Ministry of Religious Affairs to present the names.

Kalash community faces threats

According to the ministry’s proposals, the 12 names included three each from the Christian and Hindu communities, two from the Sikh and one each from the Kalash and Parsi communities.

Besides, there will also be two Muslim members along with eight ex-officio members consisting of officers from different government departments and the Islamic Ideology Council.

It may be noted that Wazirzada from the Kalash community was included in the KP assembly by the PTI on a reserved seat of minorities in 2018.

He was later made special assistant to the chief minister on minorities’ affairs.

Terms of the commission

The NCM include developing a policy on inter-faith harmony, exploring avenues for peace and security, considering such laws, which are reportedly discriminatory towards the minorities.

The commission also recommends steps aimed at ensuring fuller and effective participation by the members of minority communities in all aspects of national life.

Besides, it also ensures minorities full and effective participation in and association with their religious and cultural festival and celebrations.

It also looks into the grievances and representations made by the members of any minority community to the government and, after examination of such grievances, to make suitable recommendations for their resolution.

It ensures that the churches, shrines, temples, gurdwaras and other places of worships of the minority communities are preserved and well kept in a functional condition.

National Commission for Minorities actively performed during the tenure of last government.

First Kalash MPA vows to fight for minorities’ rights

One Reply to “Kalash community gets representation in minorities’ body”

  1. All services allocated for minorities must be extended to the kalash tribes without violating the rights of Muslims in all valleys. Kalash culture is beauty of Chitral. At the same time, the hidden activities being used to convert kalash must be rooted out at education and all other social and financial levels.
    At the same time, it must also be ensured that, Kalash are not exempted from brewing Alcohol at commercial level and sell it to Muslim tourists and locals visitors. They can brew only wine from grape for their own consumption. It is noticed that few Kalash in Bomborate, Birir and Rumboor are illegally involved in this criminal activity and selling alcohol to muslims, which cannot be tolerated at any cost. A judicial case by the public is prepared to submit in high court. It is expected the court will further elaborate the law regarding wine making by the kalash tribe for domestic use.
    It is also noticed that alcohol is sold to Muslim minors as well in the valleys which could bring disaster to new generation.

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