Villagers worried as man arrives home skipping quarantine

CHITRAL: Villagers worried after man reaches home at Alibad in Arkari valley skipping quarantine.

A resident of Aliabad in Arkari valley reached home from Rawalpindi after skipping quarantine in Chitral town, creating fears of coronavirus spread among the local people.

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Multiple sources in the village confirmed to ChitralToday that Mr Hurmat, son of Khan Gul, works in the house of a government officer in Rawalpindi and reached Chitral on leave two days ago. Upon his arrival, he was shifted to a quarantine centre set up at Govt Commerce College.

But hours later, a government’s organization’s vehicle reached the hostel and took away Mr Hurmat. The people in the vehicle dropped him near his village in Arkari valley and returned to Chitral.

The villagers worried over the matter told ChitralToday that natives belonging to Arkari valley were being kept on quarantine in Chitral and Shoghor and permitted to go home only after completion of two weeks to check the spread of the coronavirus.

The mysterious exit of Mr Hurmat from the quarantine centre and his arrival in his native valley created fears and anger among the locals. They said precautions should be applied to everyone irrespective of one’s status and affiliation with any department.

They called upon the authorities to probe the matter and keep the man on quarantine and follow the precautions in letter and spirit.

When contacted by ChitralToday, the station house officer (SHO) of Arkari, Musa Khan, said he was in Chitral town on an official work for the last two days and did not know about the arrival of the man in the village without completing two weeks on quarantine.


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