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Rescue 1122 Chitral ready to meet any emergency

CHITRAL: Rescue 1122 Chitral is equipped with all equipment and facilities to cope with any emergency and all its staff are now from Chitral.

This was stated by Zafar Uddin, rescue officer and incharge of  Rescue 1122 Chitral, while talking to local reporters.

He said when Rescue 1122 Chitral was launched in 2018 its staff members faced difficulty in reaching the location of any incident as they were outsiders.

Now all the Rescue 1122 personnel in Chitral are local youth who have no difficulty with identifying locations and reach the spots without any difficulty.

Mr Zafar said young staffers of Rescue 1122 personnel are always ready to help the people in times of an emergency and the organization was providing free of cost service to the residents.

During the prevailing COVID-19 outbreak, Chitral is also facing an emergency health situation and the rescuers are ever ready to meet the challenge.

He said due to lack of town planning and old structures rescue vehicles sometimes could not reach the affected points especially during fire incidents.

But the government is planning to provide small tankers to the rescuers to resolve this issue as well.

He said in case of an emergency Rescue 1122 staff is always ready to shift the patient to hospital free of cost. He said people of Chitral should take advantage of the free emergency services of the organization.–Muhkam Uddin Ayuni


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