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Village council committees to ensure precautions in mosques

BOONI: Village council committees are being set up in Upper Chitral to ensure observance of precautions such as social distancing offering prayers in mosques in Ramazan.

Following instructions issued by the provincial government, the district administration here on Thursday decided to constitute such committees.

The decision as taken at a meeting held under the chairmanship of Muazam Khan, additional assistant Commissioner Mastuj and attended by khateebs of various mosques of the district and SHOs of police stations.

Secretaries of different village councils also attended the meeting, a participant told ChitralToday.

After discussions, it was unanimously decided that village council committees shall be constituted, comprising the following:

Prayer leader of the mosque concerned, a representative of the area police station, secretary of the village council and two notable members from civil society.

SOPs regarding social distancing during prayers issued by the provincial government shall be strictly followed. The violators of the instructions reported by the village level committee shall be dealt under the law.

The district of Upper Chitral has so far reported two confirmed cases of COVID-19. Most of the people returning from different cities are being allowed to remain on self-isolation in their homes.

On the other hand, most of the quarantine centres set up in government buildings remain unutilized.

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