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Screening of vehicles bringing vegetables & poultry urged

BOONI: Traders in Booni at a meeting demanded screening of vehicles bringing fruits, vegetables and poultry to Upper Chitral and restrict their movement.

The meeting chaired by traders union president Muhammad Shafi discussed the situation and problems being faced by traders in the wake of he COVID-19 lockdown.

The meeting was informed that the bazaar was following the instructions and precautions of the government.

Most of the shops are closed in the town and their owners have badly affected by the situation and are now even unable to pay rent of their shops.

The meeting through a resolution called upon the district administration and other government departments to help them in coming out of the situation.

The participants of the meeting expressed concerns that by taking undue advantage of the government relations for them, fruit, vegetable and poultry sellers were not following the precautions.

A large number of vehicles of fruit, vegetable and poultry sellers are coming to the area on a daily basis and there are allegations that they are also bringing passengers from down districts.

Such people in order to avoid check by the police and being quarantined are reaching Upper Chitral hiding in the vehicles bringing vegetable and poultry items.

The meeting demanded that the government should introduce proper screening of vehicles and instead of allowing them to come to the area every day a schedule should be prepared.

They said no one would die without fruits and vegetables but transmission of the coronavirus through these vehicles could play havoc in the area.

The meeting also pointed out that a large number people belonging to other parts of the country were working on different projects in Upper Chitral. The government should prepare a list of such workers and direct them to remain within the limits of their project sites and do not visit other areas.

It was also stated that though most of the bazaar remained closed there was still rush of vehicles in the area as people from other areas daily visit the town for different works. The meeting demanded that unnecessary visit to the town from other areas should be discouraged.

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