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Youth dies after reaching home from quarantine

YARKHUN: Youth dies after reaching home from quarantine. The youth died after reaching home from a quarantine centre in Booni where he spent 14 days.

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Local sources told ChitralToday that Abdul Karim, son of Janroz Khan of Lashkar Gaz, worked as a labourer in Gilgit.

He returned to Chitral and was quarantined for 14 days at the Govt Degree College for Girls in Booni.

After being declared clear and released from the centre, Karim reported entry at the quarantine centre at Govt Higher Secondary School Bang on April 13 and went home.

But back home in Lashkar Gaz Upper Yarkhun, he complained of stomach pain and then vomited blood and died. It is not clear what was the actual cause of his sudden death.

Sources also said a team of doctors has been sent to the village of the deceased to ascertain the facts about the matter and gather details about the health history of the youth.

Hundreds of people returned to Chitral from different parts of Pakistan since the coronavirus outbreak and were kept in quarantine centres. But these cenrtes lack facilities such as proper food on time and in most the centres many people were crammed in single room.

In the centres of Brep and Bang, the local administration sought help from the Aga Khan councils to arrange food and other facilities for the inmates as the government departments lacked funds.

Youth dies

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  1. Khan kN says

    Local intizamia must be responsible for this. He did not die but killed by the local administration and health department. It must be investigated. This is the test case for the government and investigation agencies. Must check food and residential arrangements.

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