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Missing boy found dead in mountain

YARKHUN: A teenage missing boy was found dead after falling from a mountain in Unauch village of Yarkhun in Upper Chitral on Wednesday, ChitralToday has learnt.

Reports said Mir Aziz, 16, son of Aziz Khan had gone to a nearby mountain to fetch firewood on Tuesday morning.

Till late in the night, people of the village searched for him after he did not return home. The area received torrential rains during the whole day.

The local people continued search and had also informed the police about the disappearance of the boy.

On Wednesday, the locals again started a search in the mountain and recovered the missing boy found dead. He had died after falling from the mountain. The body was shifted to the village for burial.

In most of the villages in upper Chitral, children start climbing mountains in their early age for the purposes of grazing goats or fetching firewood. Sometimes, they also go for hunting in the mountain in a group of two to three children.

There have been incidents involving children in which they either lost their limbs or even life. But it has been observed that compared to the past using children for heavy work is decreasing as awareness of their rights is getting an upper hand among parents.

A few years ago, a number of committees were constituted by the Child Protection Unit to protect child rights in Chitral.


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  1. Ejaz says

    Tragic news, may his family be able to bear the loss,

  2. Shah Karez says

    Very sad, God bless his soul and give patience to his parents to bear the loss.

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