Shahid Afridi in Chitral amid coronavirus lockdown

DROSH: National cricketer Shahid Afridi in Chitral to distribute ration among poor people affected by the coronavirus lockdown.

In a tweet, he said: “As promised I have reached Lower Chitral to support 100 families struggling in this Covid-19 pandemic. The @SAFoundation #DonateKarona ration drive is going on further into Chitral ensuring #HopeNotOut for all.”

Reports said Shahid Afridi in Chitral spent a night at Naghar Fort and on Wednesday morning was seen taking around in nearby areas accompanied by police personnel and his fans.

Pictures circulating on social media showed him not maintaining social distance and without wearing a face mask.

Earlier, the popular cricketer in a video clip had announced that he would be visiting Chitral and other areas of Malakand to distribute ration on behalf of his foundation among 100 affected people amid the coronavirus lockdown.

Chitral has so far remained safe from the coronavirus but the lockdown has badly affected a large section of population.

Moreover, in case of any outbreak of the disease, hospitals and staff are poorly equipped to deal with patients. But people here are mostly following the precautions propagated by the government and health experts.

The KP government also sent 83 freshly hired doctors to different hospitals in Chitral but except a dozen all belonged to outside Chitral. It is feared that they would get themselves transferred out of Chitral soon after the health crisis.

2 Replies to “Shahid Afridi in Chitral amid coronavirus lockdown”

  1. Agree with Ali. Why should a person no matter he be Afridi sahib, be exempted from the quarantine? Also, he could have quietly sent the relief. Why is charity displayed. It is in poor taste. It is like this all over.

  2. صدقہ ایسے دیا کرو کہ ایک ہاتھ سے دو تو دوسرا ہاتھ کو پتہ بھی نہ چلے

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