Shifting of quarantine centres out of town demanded

CHITRAL: PPP Chitral leader Bashir Ahmed has demanded shifting of quarantine centres set up in educational institutions and hotels inside Chitral town away as a precaution to protect the residents from the virus.

Mr Ahmed told ChitralToday that the district administration was keeping people returning from different cities of Pakistan at these centres for 14 days. He said if anyone of the returnees was carrying the virus it could spread to residents of nearby areas.

He said those being kept at the quarantine centres were seen climbing to the rooftops of the buildings and roaming on the premises, especially at night. He said shifting of quarantine centres out of the twon was necessary to protect the locals.

The quarantine centres have been set up at the Govt Commerce College, its hostels and a hotel in the town.

In Upper Chitral, quarantine centres have also been set up in government schools and other buildings but they lack facilities for the inmates.

Thousands of people have returned to their home villages from different parts of Chitral as the coronavirus outbreak started. However, so far no positive case has emerged anywhere in Chitral.

Three suspected patients referred to Peshawar from Chitral tested negative and returned to their homes.–GH Farooqui

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  1. Don’t get panicked. these people standing on rooftop of a building cannot spread virus even if they are infected. keep social distancing but don’t run away from your brothers they are not coming from another planet with a deadly contagious disease. Humanity wins

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