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Cramming people in quarantines can be a disaster: MNA

CHITRAL: Cramming people into rooms like cattle in the so-called quarantine centres can be a disaster in the making. Quarantine means keeping a suspected infected person in a single room and if it is not possible there should be at least six feet distance between two individuals.

But in the so-called quarantine centres set up in government buildings in Upper Chitral such as Booni, people returning from cities are being kept like cattle. This is tantamount to inviting coronavirus. God forbids if any of the individuals is carrying the virus he could spread it to all others.

These apprehensions were expressed by MNA Molana Abdul Akber Chitrali at a press conference after visiting Upper Chitral. Addressing a press conference here, he said those coming from outside Chitral were also kept under the open sky without keeping precautionary measures.

The MNA said though Upper Chitral is now a district, the teshil headquarters hospital in Booni has not been upgraded to the district headquarters hospital.

He said despite lack of safety kits, the health department staff members were screening people across Chitral. Hes aid Chitral is a backward area with poor system of healthcare system and if the coronavirus reached here it would be a disaster.

He demanded that the KP government should immediately release Rs400 million for Upper Chitral and Rs500 million for Lower Chitral to deal with any possible outbreak of the virus.

Later, the MS of the District headquarters Hospital Chitral told the MNA that all the four ventilators of the hospital were out of order fro years. However, an engineering team has arrived from Peshawar which would soon make the vents operational.

The MS said he had sought 3,000 safety kits but in response he was provided only 100.

“We have set up an isolation ward in the hospital in which eight doctors, eight nurses and eight Class Iv are working in shift. The safety kits sent by the provincial government can be used by these staff in one day because they are disposable,'” he added.

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