Stranded labourers from Broghil allowed entry from GB


GHIZER: Around 25 labourers from Broghil were allowed entry into Upper Chitral from Gilgit-Baltistan after they staged a sit-in at Shandur Pass on Tuesday.

These labourers from Broghil working in GB were going home after the coronavirus lockdown when they were turned away from Shandur top by security officials last week.

They returned to Phandar in Ghizer where people provided them food. They were allowed to stay in a private college building owned by former GB minister Shahjahan Khan.

When the labourers made a second attempt to enter Upper Chitral they were again not allowed entry at Shandur top on Tuesday.

The angry labourers then staged a sit-in on the snowbound pass.

When this reporter contacted the district administration of Upper Chitral, he was told that due to the fear of coronavirus the labourers were not being allowed into Chitral.

When told that if any untoward incident occurred to the labourers at the over 12,000 high pass who would be responsible, a senior officer of the administration said it was up to the commandant of Chitral Scouts to give permission of entry to the labourers.

However, late in the night it was learnt that the labourers had been allowed to enter Chitral and they would continue their journey towards their homes on Wednesday.–Fida Ali Shah Ghizeri


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