Quarantined relatives of patient short of food items

CHITRAL: Relatives of a suspected coronavirus patient, who was sent to Peshawar for laboratory test two days ago, remained quarantined in their houses in Jughore village without proper availability of food items.

Talking to ChitralToday, Iqbal Murad, a social activist and uncle of the patient Hanifullah, told said his 32 relatives were quarantined in their four houses without being allowed to go out to fetch daily-use items.

He said police and Chitral levies personnel were guarding the houses and not allowing anyone to go out or allowing anyone to enter the premises.

He said the relatives faced shortage of food items and did not have even soaps to wash their hands.

He said had they realized the situation in advance they would have made arrangements before voluntarily informing the authorities about the sickness of Hanifullah. Since the relatives were quarantined in their houses, no one bothered to inquire if they needed any essential supply from outside, he complained.

Besides, he said, people of the surroundings were looking at them suspiciously.

Upper Chitral police on corona awareness drive.

Mr Murad said his nephew has been kept in isolation at the Services Hospital in Peshawar and doctors have sent his samples to National Institute of Health (NIH) Islamabad from where the result was awaited. He said the condition of the patient was stable.

Another suspected Covid-19 patient belonging to Upper Chitral was sent to Peshawar four days ago and his result is also waited.


Meanwhile, the lockdown in both the districts of Chitral continued on Thursday with police taking action against those found violating Section 144.

In Upper Chitral, police also continued public awareness drive asking people to adopt safety measures and avoid unnecessary movements.

The district administration of Upper Chitral said 107 people who returned to their villages from different cities of Pakistan were being kept at quarantine centres set up in government buildings such as schools in different areas. After proper checkup, these people will be allowed to go home.

The administration of Upper Chitral also carried out spray in different buildings such as banks and other buildings and bazaars in Mulkhow and Booni.

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