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Protests start over lingering power crisis in Upper Chitral

MASTUJ: At a meeting held in Chuinj Upper Chitral today, people from Chuinj, Parkusap and other villages expressed their concerns at the unending power crisis.

Similar meetings were also held in Verkhop Torkhow and Warijun Mulkhow.

It was decided that a public gathering will be held in Chuinj on Jan 30 as a protest against the power outages.

A major protest rally is expected at Booni on Feb 3 against the power crisis in Upper Chitral.

The power crisis worsened following the Jan 13 snowfall that brought down the already poor transmission lines in the area. The government departments have been unable to fix the issues and restore supply.

Besides, small hydel powerhouses in villages have stopped production due to freezing of water and the channels. As a result, the residents are suffering in the biting cold weather.

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1 Comment
  1. Gul jee says

    Unfortunately instead of helping Chitralis and resolve their day to day problems as their elected member of parliament, MNA Abdul Akber is busy working on never needed issues like Shariyat bill, Jihad for Kashmiris, sit-in Lawari tunnel for personal pleasure and benefits. His first job should be as a Chitrali member of parliament to serve Chitral, not for Kashmirs, he must use his energies for the welfare and upliftment of Chitralis not for Kashmirs.
    Yes we understand as human beings to put up our voices for Kashmirs is also a human nature but again it’s not a priority in front of Chitralis problem.
    In Chitral poor people are crying over food shortages, transportation headache, electricity problems, poor employees of some departments didn’t get paid and their children are crying for help. Due to social other problems Chitrali daughters are suciding on daily basis and numerous problems people of Chitral are facing.
    But and but Chitrali MNA and MPA are busy making nonsense issues up and totally ignoring these burning issues. They both must negotiate and sit down with federal government and provincial governments and other NGOs to resolve these issues and get some relief for the people of Chitral.
    Even it’s their job to have a weekly or monthly meetings with district government officials for the issues regarding development of Chitral.

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