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Distortion of Khowar songs

Nowadays the name of Chitrali songs is desperately used in electronic and social media but even lovers of Chitrali culture do not know what is meant by a Chitrali song?

In Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Peshawar, educated youth from Chitral perform on the stage to the amusement of thousands of audience. These educated young people introduce Chitral and Chitrali culture as unique one.

When it comes to performance, every item attributed to Chitrali culture is not our culture. Each song introduced as folk song of Chitral is not a folk song at all.

These items saved to Facebook or Youtube are parody of Pashto, Shina, Urdu or Punjabi songs. When the tune of a parody song is played, every listener knows it is not a Chitrali song.

There are 134 singers and performers on stage. Only six of them know Chitrali culture and folk songs. For example, we have a collection of 100 years, including Hup gye, Ashurjan, Yorman Hameen that are typical folk songs.

From Sonoghro Malang Ziarat Khan Zirak (1880-1969) to Amir Gul (1915-1996), there are 264 folk poets and singers. The long list ends with the names of Baba Fatahuddin and Mansoor Ali Shabab. All the newcomers are product of parody machines.

Through this post, I appeal to the lovers of Chitrali songs not to accept any parody item as Chitrali song and Chitrali culture.


Dr. Inayatullah Faizi

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  1. Faheem Ahmad Khan says

    Respected Sir!
    Folk Songs have been replaced by so called “Ghazals” .Dancing on the tunes of such newly -introduced-items further add salt to the wounds of our declining literally heritage.

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