Political and social revenge

By Mohsin Aziz
Revenge and avenge both are social evils. Revenge through war or through peace is contributing to immorality. Human has been created superior to all heavenly creatures and a subordinate of Almighty on the earth. It is the duty of only human to implement the law of Almighty on the earth.
The characteristic which draws the line of differentiation between human being and rest of the entities is the rationale of human being. Human being has the capacity, ability and capability to filter the right and wrong, the relevant and irrelevant, the useful and the harmful. Human being is the composition of two elements body and soul. Body is concrete and made up of soil. So all the needs are fulfilled from the earth ie food and shelter. In the same fashion, purification of soul is rest in the heaven.
Human being is the greatest of all because human has both the power of committing evil deeds and good deeds. If a person suppresses his power of evil he will become superior than angels and if his bad deeds prevail he will deteriorate than satan. We are born free with some limitations and we are sovereign at a great extend. Human boost on his creation:
مجھے فرشتہ کہنے سے میری توہیں ہوتی ہے
میں ملائک مسجود ھوں مجھے انسان ہی رہنے دو 
It is an obligation on human being to maintain the function of moral institutions. If we exclude morality from our personality and society than no force would rescue us. In the west  maximum actions have been taken to stop the drinking and weapon culture but it seems impossible from last 20 plus decades.
On the other hand, our holy prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) erased drinking, dancing, card playing, women inequality, injustice and so on within the short period of about 23 years. The tool used by the holy prophet is love, respect, tolerance through the medium of morality. Human conscience is the determiner of his physical and mental acts. The death of consciousness results into severe brutality, the discrimination between good and evil will vanish.
So we are living in a democratic republic and its constitution has shown us our rights and duties. Rights and duties are directly proportional to each other; we have to pay our duties to avail our rights. It is obligatory on us to protect and implement all the due laws of the state in a true letter and spirit. We must not go against our religious and social institutions.
Nowadays, political, social and moral revenge preponderates in our society. Social, political and religious respect is at the verge of deterioration. Everyone wants to promote his feelings, thoughts and opinions and even does not dare to listen to others.
Recent ideological clash between followers of Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf and Jamiat Ulama-e-Islam has created a very negative impact in the mind of people. The followers of both the political schools of thought have left no stone unturned to blame each other on every ground. Even they negated the respect of our religious scholars.
They are happily declaring each other to be Muslim and non-Muslim. Yesterday, someone shared a tweet with reference to religious person Mufti Taqi Usmani who is  known to be the ambassador of Islam all over the world. He is highly apolitical, humble, philanthropist and a neutral person having no bias against any school of thought. He always performs his duty very well. The content of the tweet is “Imran Khan has used derogatory language about our holy prophet so he and his followers both are categorized as non-Muslim”.  Then Mufti sahib himself rejected that tweet as a propaganda with his reference. We have become such blind political supporters that we use every possible way for the humiliation of each other.
Furthermore, the highly immoral and cheapest confrontation between lawyers and doctors in Lahore is under debate in social media. Whatsoever the background of the matter is, we know very well that the murder of an individual is the murder of all humanity. It doesn’t suit us to support such protest. The lawyers must not have used such approach to solve their problems.
Now on the social media the lawyers are supporting their fraternity and doctors are protesting against them. The supporters of JUI and PML-N are seem happy over beating of PTI’s information minister Punjab by the lawyers and use the incident for destabilization of the government. On the other hand, the the tigers of PTI are hand to hand in support of their political leader. The problem is that we do not have such person who clap for the good and condemn the bad.
Prima facie Pakistan lacks genuine political leadership and ideological political supporters which are the basic requirement for democracy to flourish and its fruits to be delivered to the people, who are supposed to be the power base of electoral democracy. Time has run out for such politics because the patience of people has also run out. In a democratic culture, men who lead political parties are never worshiped like pirs but are open to public scrutiny and criticism.
My question is why we are so blind in our political support. It is time to handle all issues  rationally without involving emotions. We should support our political ideology not the personalities. If one of the leader is corrupt and immoral, so go for the next and it’s the beauty of democratic parties in the democratic system. It is not incumbent on us to support our leader even he or she is at the top of the list of corrupt people. It is time to recognize the right person and right school of thought, throwing behind all the emotional attachments we must have to go for the right person for the right job.
Johnlock says  has given the concept of “Tabula Rasa” means the young generation are like a blank slate and it is the society and the parents write their prescripts over their. The culture of revenge and hatred is spoiling and will spoil our society in each and every aspect of life. It is the law of nature as you so, so shall you reap. Now what very planting obviously we will come across the consequences in the future.
Besides all the educational institutions and social activists take notice and focus on the reformations of the society. It is a serious need of the time to promote political, social and moral patience and respect to uphold the integrity, solidarity, unity, love and harmony in the society. We must avoid to spread hatred culture.
Moreover, now we have to teach morality more and more and spread the message of tolerance. Otherwise such ideological, political and social war on the ground of criticism for the sake of criticism we drown us soon.
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