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NADRA assures ex-MNA not to close office in Garam Chashma

CHITRAL: A senior official of NADRA has assured former MNA Shahzada Iftikharuddin that the office in Garam Chashma would not be closed.

There were reports that the government has ordered closure of the NADRA office in Garam Chashma. People of the area held a protest on Friday against the decision.

Former minister from Garam Chashma, Salim Khan, recently also opposed the government move saying NADRA office was serving over 50,000 people and a building has been provided for the office free of cost.

Shahzada Iftikharuddin

In a statement on social media, Shahzada Iftikhar on Saturday said “Following a personal request not to close the NADRA Garam Chashma branch that was inaugurated on 12th May 2018, Director General NADRA KP Mir Alam Khan has assured me not to close the NADRA Garam Chashma office.”

“I had pointed out that the twin disasters of 2015 including the flash floods and devastating 8.1 magnitude earthquake had pushed Chitral’s development back by 30 years.”
He said the government must start work on Chitral’s PSDP projects approved by ECNEC and included in federal budget by PML-N government, including Garam Chasma Road and Terich Lot Owir Road, which have been taken out by the current federal government.
During the previous PML-N government five years tenure, out of the Rs173.5 billion projects, a total of Rs62 billion was already spent.
“Sadly Rs 28.5 billion worth PSDP projects including Garam Chashma Road Rs 8.64 billion, Terich Lot Owir Road Rs 16 billion and University of Chitral Rs 2.9 billion have been taken out of the PSDP,” he added.


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