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Research symposium organized at University of Chitral

CHITRAL: A research symposium was organized at the University of Chitral by its departments of zoology and education with the theme of “Research in higher education: the why and the how?”

The event was moderated by Mr Shah Fahad Ali Khan, Head of Zoology Department, University of Chitral.

Keynote speaker of the symposium Dr Bill Atweh, retired adjunct professor Curtin University Australia, spoke on how research is helping change education around the globe. Dr. Bill stressed the importance of research in local setting with global perspective.

The second session of Dr. Bill focused on the conceptualization of research projects.

Farman Nisa from AKU-IED Professional Development Centre discussed the role and importance of research in teaching and learning.

Dr Taj Uddin, head of education department, thanked the delegates, speakers and the organizing committee.

Basharat Hussain, Registrar University of Chitral, highlighted the importance of such events for educational development.

Certificates and souvenirs were presented to the speakers and organizers of the event.–Bashir Hussain Aazad

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