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Shopkeepers warned against selling sugar at high rate

BOONI: Shopkeepers in Booni and nearby areas are selling sugar at high rate even though the price of the community came down in October.

The assistant commissioner Mastuj at Booni along with the tehsildar Mastuj inspected shops in Booni bazaar and surrounding areas to ensure sugar is sold and reduced rate.
As the ex-mill price of sugar has come down from Rs69.26 per kg in September to Rs65 per kg  in  October, wholesalers and retailers are still selling it at Rs80 per kg.
The shopkeepers were directed by the district government officials to avoid overcharging and reduce the sugar price.  The violators were booked on the occasion, says a press release.
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  1. Amir Khan says

    … or still more, some Aristotle of IK’s cabinet would advise the people to stop eating sugar as it can cause diabetes.

  2. Amir Khan says

    Wait till you hear some Guru from Imran Khan govt say “If sugar is expensive use honey instead”

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