Every day is a teacher day

By Aurangzeb Shahzad

We are so much imitators that we imitate almost everything that people in the West do like how they eat, how the dress, how they sleep so on. We totally forget ourselves, who we are, what we are doing and what will be the negative impact of these things.
We believe that Islam is a complete code of life. We only know this thing but we do not follow it.

As we can see that in western countries there are so many things which are special for them like mothers day, fathers day, teachers day and so on. They believe that to wish someone in these days only they will get prayers and doing these they are some how showing care about their relatives.

We also know that it is a tradition that if someone reaches 50 they send them to old houses because they cannot bear them any more and they are old and it is difficult to take care of them. All these things are strictly prohibited in Islam. To make one day special for a person and give much respect to them is not fair. Believe that every day is a teacher, mother and father day and all these relations deserve much respect. Being Muslim we should follow the orders of the Almighty Allah and the sunnah of the holy prophet.

We should respect our parents, teachers, relatives, elders all the time during life, that is the essence of Islamic teaching and we should not restrain our self to westernized mind set.

Now the question is why we are doing all these things and why we are following the West. Let them what they are doing, let them wherever they want to go. We have our own identity and have the label of Islam.

The scenario is going to be dangerous if we move like this and it will be difficult to come back on our original track. We should know this thing that every day is a teachers day. We should know that every day is a parents, relatives day. If we realize this thing it will lead us towards a happy life and we will be free from these things.


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