Roads blocked after torrential rain, flooding in Upper Chitral

MASTUJ: Due to flooding in Nisur Gol, Reshun Gol, Booni and Brep etc., roads to these and many other areas are blocked since yesterday.

Mastuj road blocked after flooding in Nisur GolThe nullahs in Parwak (Nisur Gol), Reshun, Booni and Brep started flooding after overnight rain in Upper Chitral. Later in the day, however, local volunteers managed to restore light traffic on the road.

As a result, a large number of people are stranded on both sides of the streams at Brep, Parwak, Reshun and Booni.

Floodwater caused mudslides in Krui Junali, Booni, which affected  nine households. At least three  houses were completely damaged. A dozen of children of three families trapped on the premises of their houses. Crop fields, forests in Rophop have come under mud and stones. However, no life loss is reported.

Those coming home on Eid holidays from different parts of the country are among those affected by the road blockades.

Yarkhun road was also blocked for all types of traffic at Drongochogh Brep.
The flash flood destroyed apple orchard and a guest house of Akbar Bahadar Lal at Tek Thurjal.

Yarkhun road blocked at Brep.
Yarkhun road blocked at Brep.

⁹The C&W department is yet to move to facilitate the passengers by reopening the busy road.

In Lower Chitral, a portion of Shishikoh road from Madaklasht to Kashash was washed away by river flooding after heavy rain.

However, the KP relief department today claimed that the district administration of Lower Chitral had managed to reopen this road.


Karim Ullah, Waqar Ahmed

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