Rally in Chitral condemns Indian move on Kashmir

CHITRAL: A rally was taken out by religious parties and civil society against India for scrapping the special status of occupied Kashmir by revoking Article 370 of its constitution.

The participants also condemned Indian atrocities in the valley including killings and the use of pillet guns against civilian population.

The participants of the rally gathered at Attaliq Chowk where Jamaat Islami Chitral chief Molana Jamshed Ahmed, Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam naib emir Qazi Naseem, PPP leader Abdul Hakim Advocate, ex-PTI president Abdul Latif, ANP chief Eidul Hussain and others said India was committing atrocities in India and violating UN resolutions on the issue.

The speakers said India should resolve the issue of Kashmir by giving the right of self-determination to the Kashmiris as promised by the UN.

If India failed to do so and continued its atrocities in Kashmir, people of Pakistan would take out guns and would wage a jihad along with its military to liberate Kashmir, they added.


Reporting: Bashir Hussain Azad

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