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Don’t turn Shandur into a death trap for wildlife: activist

CHITRAL: The district administration’s ban on firework at the end of annual Shandur festival is welcomed but there is much more to do to ensure that no wildlife at the pristine environment is disturbed by human activities during the three-day festival.

This was stated by Rehmat Ali Jaffar Dost, who heads Chitral Heritage and Environment Protection Agency (CHEPS) while talking to ChitralToday. He said Shandur is the most popular tourist spot known all over the world but pollution created  by thousands of people coming to attend the annual festival is becoming a major threat for the survival of wildlife in the area.

The revelers not only disturb the wildlife during their stay at Shandur but also left behind tons of garbage and leftover eatables that become poison for the wildlife, livestock and aquatic creatures in the vicinity for months to come.

He said the government every year allocates funds for the festival and some amount should also be set aside to dispose of the garbage and waste on scientific manner after the event.

Mr Ali said the business community was the major polluter at Shandur and the government should make it bound to clean the dirt it spread in the area.

He said all those who visit Shandur should exhibit a civic sense and take care of the environment and avoid littering at the venue.

Reporting: Muhkam Uddin Ayuni

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