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Cluster representatives present proposals for Shandur festival

BOONI: Representatives of Indigenous Council  for Development – a cluster of three organizations of laspur – met Additional Deputy Commissioner Upper Chitral Muhamamd Irfanuddin and presented him a combined proposal of the cluster about Shandur festival 2019.

The cluster consists of three registered organizations of Laspur valley – Shandur Area Development Conservation and Welfare Organization (SADCWO), Shandur Falcon Welfare Organization  (SFWO) and SiRN TT, says a press release.

ADC Irfanuddin appreciated the move of the organizations to make the mega Shandur festival a success.

The two proposals were meant to rally for the conservation of nature at Shandur plateau, check livestock mortality due to the garbage, waste and trash left behind by participants of the festival, promotion of indigenous culture of the area in particular and that of the district in general and provide opportunities to the locals to benefit from the opportunities in the wake of the festival.

The ADC assured the ICD representatives of maximum support from the district government in materializing the demands and request of the people of Laspur contained in the proposals.

It may also be noted that the organizations forming the cluster (ICD) have been involved in Shandur activities since 2007 and are committed to making the festival more beneficial for the local people, attractive for the visitors and more environment friendly.

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