Eidul Fitr celebrated across Chitral with religious fervor

AYUN: Eidul Fitr congregations were held across Chitral with religious fervor on Wednesday. The major Eid gatherings were held at Shahi Masjid Chitral and Eidgah Ayun.

Besides, thousands of people offered Eid prayers in different parts of Upper Chitral, including Booni, Mastuj, Torkhow and Mulkhow.

Most of the people living outside Chitral also celebrated the religious festival in their home villages.

Molana Kamal Uddin while leading Eidul Fitr prayer at Eidgah in Ayun said one of the essences of the teachings of Islam was welfare of human beings, including followers of other religions.

But he regretted that had Muslims instead of seeking bad luck and destruction for non-Muslims prayed for their guidance towards the path of Allah there would not have been any non-believer in the world.

He shed light on the importance of dress in the Muslim community. However, he said slowly and gradually Muslims were drifting away from the traditional Islamic dress and adopting the culture of others.

He particularly expressed annoyance over the rising trend of hair fashion and haircut styles among the youth.


Reporting: Muhkam Uddin Ayuni

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