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‘Organized group always misappropriate charity goods’

CHITRAL: A day after food packages arranged by Pakistan Baitul Maal through funds given by a Saudi charity organization were distributed among ‘deserving people’ in Chitral town, a number of people from nearby villages alleged that the food items were given to near and dear ones of the local government representatives and officials of the Bailtul Maal.
They said earlier relief packages sent by a charity organization from Qatar were also doled out on the basis of connections by the local nazims and Pakistan Baitul Maal Chitral office.
The complainants appreciated the Saudi charity organization for sending food items to Chitral in Ramazan but regretted that those responsible for distributing them always ignored deserving people outside the town area.
They said there was an organized group of people within the town area who always embezzled relief items by ignoring the genuine deserving people.
This group mostly comprising political activists preferred their voters while selecting the beneficiaries at the cost of the poor.
It seems all the poor people live within the town area and the periphery is inhabited by the rich, they added.
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