Three Hunza women bring gold medals for Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: A large number of people from Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral welcomed three young women from Hunza valley upon their return from Abu Dhabi after winning gold and silver medals in the Special World Olympics held there.
Farzana, Najia and Sabina from Chipursun, Gojal in Hunza, represented Pakistan in the event and won three gold medals in basket ball, long jump and racing competitions. 
At the Islamabad International Airport, these athletes were garlanded and paid tributes for winning laurels for the country. 
It may be noted that Pakistan’s first female mix martial art (MMA) athlete Anita Karim, who also hails from Hunza, received a rousing welcome when she returned to the country on March 12 after winning the One Warrior Series in Singapore.
Ms Karim is the only international female mixed martial arts fighter in Pakistan. She started practicing Taekwondo at an early age in Hunza with her brothers. 
Amir Nayab

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