Walk, plantations mark World Water Day

CHITRAL: A number of government departments and civil society organizations on Friday held different programmes and walk in connection with the International Water Day.
An awareness walk taken out by Alkhidat Foundation started at Chew Bridge and ended at Polo ground. Led by a large number of people, the walk was led by Jamaat-e-Islami Chitral chief Molana Jamshed Ahmed and foundation’s district head Naveed Baig.
The participants were carrying banners and stressed the need for conservation of water.
Addressing the participants, Molana Jamshed said Nature has gifted Chitral with plenty of water resources and there were 543 glaciers. He said Chitral was the source of the Kabul River.
But he regretted that even then women and children in a large number of villages in Chitral had to travel for miles to fetch water for drinking.
Moreover, he added, there were thousands of acres of land which still remain barren due to unavailability of water. These lands can be utilized for productivity by arranging supply of water to them, he added.

Meanwhile, at a private school in Kuragh, students and civil society representatives also held function to mark the day and Nauroz.

The participants, including women, on the occasion also planted saplings and highlighted the significance of the day and Nauroz.
They also stressed the need to plant more saplings to increase the forest cover in the region.

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