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Shooting down of Indian warplanes celebrated in Chitral

CHITRAL: People in Chitral town and Drosh celebrated the shooting down of two Indian warplanes for intruding into Pakistani territory today.
The pilots of the aircraft were taken into custody and one of them hospitalized.
A group of people, including lawyers and traders, distributed sweets in the Chitral bazaar soon after the news of the shooting down of the aircraft were reported by TV channels.
Some people also gathered in the Drosh bazaar and chanted slogans against India.
They hailed the shooting down of the Indian planes and warned New Delhi against any misadventure towards Pakistan.
India on Tuesday claimed that it carried out an air strike at a terrorist training camp in Bakakot and killed about 250 to 300 militants there.
Pakistan condemned the violation of its airspace but ridiculed the claim that there was any terror camp.
The army said it would punish India for the misadventure.

As tension escalated between the two countries, PM Imran Khan in an address to the nation offered India dialogue.

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