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Effect of politics on student life

 By Syed Tanweer Hussain (University of Peshawar)

Politics is about how power should be exercised. Activities, actions, and policies used to gain and hold power is what politics is concerned.

The introduction of politics in educational institutions has not only instigated leadership values, socializing abilities and healthy student voice but also better shaping of young minds for voting in has given them to fight for their rights. Being political in today’s world has become a key to tackle with the emerging issues that is why Aristotle has said, man is by nature a political animal.

Young people today are more informed and civic minded than before. Student organizations provide opportunities for various opinions and political interests on campus. Students nowadays are better informed about the day to day politics and current affairs. Participation in various conferences and forums have increased today with the involvement of politics in student groups.
on the other hand lack of maturity and choosing wrong perspective or negative politics has resulted in great loss to the student academic life.The most obvious disadvantage is that students neglect their studies. When politics is introduced to them and they get interested then they tend to study less and take more active part in politics. Their valuable time gets wasted as a result of political rallies and forums. As a result they score poorly in studies and hence tends to focus more on politics which ultimately ends in poor results drop out from educational institutions etc.
Politics is wrought with chaos. When students feel that their rights are being interfered they resort to revolts. Now this is a legitimate cause but mostly result in a barbaric scenario. There are riots, chaos, and people getting beaten up and injured. some time they are taken up to jails which is any how is not good for the academic health of a student.
This has also led to groupism based on religion racism,geography,language and other related reasons.
in order to gain power they use unfair means including instigating students to get the vote bank.
in true sense politics has many advantages if it kept according to its need but yes it is also true that politics is a major cause for the unrest and indiscipline in educational institutions.
Decision is yours.
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  1. Kalimulah says

    Politics does not lead to racism it just uncoverd it.

  2. Saiful aman says

    Yes tanweer its is a very useful post for our students

    1. Syed Tanweer Hussain says

      yes it is. and thanks

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