Learning never stops

By Ali Haidar Baig
Warren Bullet once said: “The more you learn the more you earn.” His words are milestone and appealing for every sensible beings who believe in the worth of learning.
If we look at the life of successful people such s Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Oprah, Mark Cuban and others, it becomes clear that the reason behind their success is their proper use of time and lifetime learning. They are committed to learning something new every day.
Warren Bullet, one of the wealthiest humans of the planet, is famous for reading more than five hours every day. Whereas Bill Gates reads one book per week and Mark Cuban spends three hours in reading every day.
Furthermore, Oprah is obsessed with books too. The common and obvious trend among the aforementioned personalities is the continuous learning process.
Successful people never stop learning and it conveys a profound message to the people globally.
Accordingly, I believe that we spent more than 500 rupees every single day . It is not just the money that is the matter of my concern but the things on which we spend it is .
Thus, I strongly believe in the American proverb that a penny saved is a penny earned.
Now, might be the readers pondering that why am I randomly talking about learning and then jumping to spending money!!
Well, the point that I want my readers to understand is that we need to spend our money wisely on things that we need. Moreover, we must spend it on learning and educating ourselves.
As a Chitrali I feel it very important to take my chitrali brothers and sisters’ attention towards this minute but very important matter.
We have 86,400 seconds in a day and most of the Chitrali students take this time for granted. We do not spend it wisely and we have forgotten that the time that is gone can never be retrieved again.
Therefore, it is compulsory to spend our time as well as money on productive things.
We must use our time to do things that are not for enjoyment only but for learning and recreation as well. If we use time and money wisely today we will hopefully have a better future ahead.Instead of wasting our time on meaningless things we must strive to learn new things. The time we spent on playing video games or partying or enjoying with friends is not bad but the frequency of doing it matters a lot.. Thus, we should be wise and choosy when it comes to spending time.We have to use our precious time in reading books and learning.

At times Chitrali students give up on their dreams because of societal pressures and challenges as a consequence they quit struggling and commit suicides.

However, what they lack is a courage to cope up with the competitive environment around them. They get disappointments in little things like failing in test, scoring able to get good jobs etc. On the other hand what I believe is if they spend their time on hard Work instead of overthinking the tinny failures they will surely end in satisfaction.
If they develop the courage to face the life issues and work for betterment of their personalities they will surely get a good peace of mind that will not only help them to succeed materialistically but spiritually as well.
We must never stop believing in ourselves. As a matter of fact life itself is a test.Sometimes we fail and sometimes we pass but the only failure is not to be able to fight back for good.
We need to create the way for ourselves for we are destined to and the foremost thing is that we must have the patience to wait for the right time.
Once Bill Gates was asked which superpower he would like to have . Surprisingly his answer was that he wanted the ability to read books fast. Moreover, success is not about the money, the fame, or a big house. It is actually becoming the best version of our self. We must learn to stand up again once we are fallen down.
We must get up stronger and wiser than before. Create a mindset that does not allow you to quit or stop believing. If we quit our dreams and give up we will never know how great we can be. Self-doubt kills more dreams than failure ever would. Work on your self every single day and never stop learning because life never stops teaching.

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