Health dept fails to post lady doctor to THQ hospital

DROSH: The Tehsil Headquarters (THQ) Hospital Drosh, which is a category ‘D’ notified health facility, is without lady doctors for the last many months.
A few months ago, there were three lady doctors but due to unknown reasons two of them were transferred while the third went on leaves for training, sources told ChitralToday.
This is causing hardship for women patients and some residents staged a protest against the government recently. As a result, a lady doctor was posted to the hospital from the District Headquarters (DHO) Hospital. However, she succeeded in getting her transfer to Drosh canceled within a few days reportedly using political connections.
The health department posted another doctor to the THQ hospital but she did not assume the charge.
Public circles have criticized the failure of the health department in resolving the issue. They demanded the provincial authorities to inquire why public servants use political links to get their choice postings.

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