Experts highlight different aspects of Khowar culture

ISLAMABAD: The speakers at Muzakra session highlighted various aspects of Khow culture of Chitral here Thursday at National Institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage, Lok Virsa.
The session ‘Succinct Review of Khow Culture’ presented a broader cultural picture of Chitral with a special focus on Khow culture.
Culture experts spoke on various features of Khow culture including material culture, traditions, traditional dresses, rituals on all social events (birth to death), traditional festivals, traditional knowledge on natural resource management, superstitions, literature, folk music, folk dances, folk singing, folk and traditional drama, and indigenous cure system of Khowar speakers.
Professor Israr ud Din was the key speaker on the occasion. He has worked as Chairman and Professor of Department of Geography in the University of Peshawar.
Professor Israr ud Din is a teacher, writer, poet, translator and a researcher.
He has edited five books. Social Geography, with focus on Chitral and northern areas of Pakistan, is his area of specialization.
The Muzakra fortnightly series is an interactive session in which audience can engage with the guest speakers during the question and answer session.
It is regular part of Lok Virsa’s activities to preserve and promote the various forms of heritage in the country and highlight the magnificent cultural legacy of Pakistan, said the organizers.

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