Rally demands posting of lady doctor to THQ hospital

DROSH: The Tehsil Headquarters (THQ) Hospital in Drosh is without a gynae doctor for the last a few weeks due to which  women patients are suffering the most.
There were about three women doctors at the hospital but they were transferred out of the town one after the other without providing a replacement.
The social circles of the garrison town have been taking up the matter with relevant authorities through press conferences and social media but to no avail.
On Friday, a large number of people held a protest rally in the town demanding the immediate posting of a lady doctor to the hospital.
The protesters said the hospital also lacked medicines and other facilities and the patients and their relatives were facing hardship.
Addressing the protesters, Qari Jamal Abdul Nasir, member tehsil council Qusurullah Qusur, nazim Imranul Mulk, naib nazim Khosh Nawaz, Zahir Khan and others said the transfer of the gynae doctor without her replacement was an injustice with the area people. Theys aid if the issue was not resolved within 24 hours, the people of Drosh will start an agitation.
Later, participants of the rally moved to the AC office and apprised the AC of the issue and their demand.
The AC, Abdul Wali Khan, assured the protesters that the issue would be resolved on a priority basis.

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  1. Why do the concerned people not produce a lady doctor??if we do not send our daughter to medical field then why the others would serve to us at our doorstep?

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