Enduring an adolescent political ‘regime’

By Aziz Qazi
Political volatility in Pakistan has remained conventional over the years. The only Islamic and nuclear power state has confronted a series of combative despotism.

Remarkably, none of the elected democratic governments has engrossed the enormous requirements of the state. Decades after the government of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Pakistan once again started envisaging a true leadership in the shape of Imran Khan.

This was the sole motive when the people of Pakistan elected his fledgling PTI as their front-runner nationally and internationally. Inclined to impeccable leadership was not like a snap and everything just followed but several aptitudes were touched by the festivity to approach to this level.

Initially, the Captain stood against legacy of breathing in a luxurious Prime Minister House. After the election, we saw various statements but the end was expected. The light of hope, Imran Khan in the past issued hard hitting statements whenever former leadership of the country visited an oil-rich and friendly country along their ministers in a private plane but once he griped power he did not waste time and adored several gallops in a similar king-like style.

Not only the Captain himself but his cabinet ministers too started adoring this golden fortuitous. Yell of simplicity loomed to helicopter from bicycle and hallmark on foreign visits in first three months snap to multiply overnight.

The combat against nepotism, favoritism and politicization of institutions spilled out its last breath with termination of Rizwan Gondal and was continuously pestered for not apologizing Khawar Maneka, the ex-husband of the first lady Bushra Abbasi Khan.

Atif Mian, who is among world 20 best economists, was proudly named as the member of the Economic Advisory Council (EAC). On the basis of pressure over his religion, Atif Mian was detached from the council.

Two viable council members resigned for Atif Mian’s detachment. Later, a statement was released arguing Atif Mian himself resigned but Senator Faisal Javed tweet was apparent where he said “Atif Mian was asked to resign and he agreed”.

You can conceive the mark of developed imprudence by the statement and U-turn on granting citizenship to Afghanis and Bengalis to whom the prime minister announced to grant citizenship and the next day said it was just a proposal, not a final decision.

The statement about CPEC by PM’s adviser on commerce Razaq Dawood is yet another example. Petroleum prices, specifically gas prices, were sharply increased but then denied by information minister. But later when the petroleum minister confirmed the prices the information minister was sitting in the assembly and without any expression of remorse.

Imran used to criticize former PM Nawaz Sharif for inaugurating projects but soon after coming to power we saw Imran inaugurating Rawalpindi-Mianwali Express train. Eradicating poll rigging and fair elections were the manifesto of the PTI. Khowaja Saad Rafique who was a candidate of the PML-N against Imran Khan in NA-131 Lahore approached the Lahore High Court for recounting of votes and the court accepted his demand but Imran filed an appeal in Supreme Court which granted him a stay order.

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmod Qureshi claimed that Indian PM Modi in his congratulatory letter offered for inclusive dialogue which Modi refused and later the letter was exposed on Indian media and as a result foreign office had to backtrack from their statement.

Severe and emotive arguments on former leadership bailout packages had turned our leadership to elegance their potpourri. Some lacking promises they made with acquitted and emotive folks were also the core reasons behind. Chitral two districts delusion, instant termination of road widening, black topping and several mega bridges projects in Chitral and Lobbing with single provincial parliamentary shoulder comes in the same edge.

Political and economic conditions are dreadful to be handled by sentimentality and good deeds, they need expertise, aptitudes and involvements. Pakistan is facing deteriorating economic situation these days. Foreign reserves are shrinking by more than 3 pc on weekly basis according to the data of central bank.

External debts are expected to reach $103 billion by 2019 and ruinous inflation is observed especially in oil prices which increased almost by 9.5pc. Devaluation of Pakistani rupee is persistent from December 2017 and touched shattering point of 133 rupee per US dollar by November 2018. We always appreciate steps taken by our leadership but we are emphasizing their impatience before coming to the ground.