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Antiquities, including sacred objects, to go on display from 12th

BOONI: Antiquities, including sacred religious objects, which are in possession of a family will be put on display in Booni from Nov 12. This was decided at a meeting of the Byar Local Support Organization (BLSO) held here on Tuesday, says a press releases issued by the BLSO.

The antiquities will be displayed at the BLSO office for public viewing. These items are owned by the family of Syed Sardar Hussain Shah of Green Lasht village. According to Mr Shah’s claim, the items include rare scripts of the holy Quran and items used by the family of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), the Ahle Bait.

It may be recalled that Mr Shah took part in the July 25 elections for the provincial assembly seat of Chitral and in the details of his assets claimed to be the owner of antiquities worth trillions of rupees.


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  1. Muhammad Amin says

    very puzzling
    This is incredible and never be trusted.The items used by the Ahle bayt (a.s) more than 1300 years ago are in rarer display in gulf countries.Can some one plz.tell how these items have come down to Sardar Hussain sahib famil?to change myths into reality such propaganda are made.

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