Booni residents threaten protest against delay in power project

BOONI: People of Booni, including elected local government representatives, at a meeting on Sunday called upon the KP government to take notice of the unnecessary delay in the completion of a hydel powerhouse set up at Dumadumi.
The meeting held at the TMA office was attended by Sharafuddin, Amir Afzal, Shah Wazir Khan, Amir Afzal Shah, Hussain Ali, Sher Jamat, Qurban Ali, Farman Murad, Pervez Lal, Noor Mohammad, Abid Ali, Abdus Samad Khan and others.
The participants of the meeting said work on the 500 KW powerhouse was started in early 2015 by Sarhad Rural Support Programme (SRSP). The contractor missed a number of deadlines set for the completion of the project. Finally, the powerhouse was partially made operational in January 2018 to supply electricity to a part of the Booni town. But the power supply could not be continued and still work on laying transmission and distribution lines, installation of transformers and meters is not complete.
The participants asked the KP government to direct the NGO to ensure the early completion of the powerhouse otherwise the people of Booni would be forced to launch a protest drive against it for the failure of the project.

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