Pauper, ‘trillionaire’ among candidates for PK-1 Chitral

A look by ChitralToday at the assets declared by candidates for the provincial assembly seat of Chitral (PK-1) shows interesting figures. One of the candidates has claimed that he has only 700 rupees in a bank and possesses nothing else while another has stated that he owns precious antiquities worth trillions of rupees. This man from Green Lasht village turns out to be richer than a former MP and a prince thought to be owning property worth in billions.

Razit Billah
Cash in bank Rs788.7, owns no house, land or any other asset.
Total assets as of June 30 of current fiscal year stated to be nill. Owns a shop from which he earns an income of Rs10,000.

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Syed Sardar Hussain Shah
Agricultural land at Green Lasht worth Rs30 million,
120 chakoram at Oveer worth RsRs8.4 million and land in Booni worth Rs8.4 million.
Jeep 1965 value Rs.0.5 million.
Own precious antiquities worth in trillions.

Ghulam Muhammad
Commercial buildings, plots and petrol pumps worth Rs60.5 million
Residential houses worth Rs30 million
House in Islamabad value Rs100 million (in name of wife).
Business of petroleum value Rs15 million
Jewellery worth Rs0.25 million
Security PSO pending bill Rs2.3 million
Furniture worth Rs1.5 million
Receivable share in forest royalty at Ursoon Rs20 million.
Bank overdraft at BoK Rs18 million.
Orax Leasing Islamabad Rs2.5million.
Vehicles total worth Rs16.5 million.

Hidayatur Rehman
Plots two chakoram value Rs10 million,
Agricultural land 15 chakoram worth Rs4.5 million,
Two vehicles worth Rs1 million.
Flat in Karachi value Rs3.2 million.
Bank deposit Rs159.50 at Bank Islami
Other deposits Rs141.89.

Abdul Wali Khan Abid
One kanal plot in Islamabad worth Rs5 million (aprox),
One kanal house in Hayatabad Peshawar Rs1.5 milluon million (aprox).
Three houses in Denin Chitral worth Rs6 million,
Six shops in Chitral bazaar worth Rs60 million
Agricultural land in Denin, Golen and Atani, Barenis, Mroi, Shachar and Mulkhow worth Rs40 million.
Insurance schemes for himself and sons worth Rs9 million.
Suzuki Jimmy NCP value not mentioned.
Cash in banks Rs3,826,584.
Furniture worth Rs1 million.

Israr Uddin
Name of business: Hindukush Bees, Green Alternative North Natural Mogh worth Rs6 million.
Jeep 188 model value Rs1.2 million
Suzuki 2017 model value 0.42 million
Cash in hand Rs0.2 million
Cash in bank: Rs9469 in Alfalah and Rs71746 in HBL.
Furniture Rs0.2 million.
Mortgages Rs665,665 car leasing (WagonR)

Shahzada Amanur Rehman
Residence, land in Garam Chasna worth Rs300 million.
Residence and land in Chitral town worth Rs200 million. These properties are jointly owned with heirs of late Shahzada Shujaur Rehman.
Hotel Ingigan Garam Chashma worth Rs100 million,
Owns no vehicle in his own name.
75 tola jewellery worth Rs4.5 million
Cash in hand Rs0.1 million
In bank Rs8,839.
Furniture worth Rs1 million.
Total assets worth Rs605,608,839.

Sohrab Khan
Houses, land etc worth Rs1.2 million approx.
Toyota Hilux 1992 value Rs1.5 million
Land cruiser 1986 Rs1 million.
Jewellery three tola worth Rs0.15 million.
Cash in banks Rs1,325,000.

Abdur Rehman
Houses, buildings etc worth Rs3.5 million
Agricultural land 10 chakoram worth Rs50 million,
Three houses worth Rs50 million.
Rav4 jeep 1995 worth Rs0.8 million
Ghawagai 1988 worth Rs0.5 million
Jewellery 360,000.
Furniture worth Rs700,000.
Household items worth Rs1 million.

Amir Ullah
60 chakoram land at Bigusht worth RsRs60 million,
Residential house on two chakoram worth Rs6.8 million
Two general stores worth Rs2 million.
Rs0.4 million in NBP Garam Chashma branch.

Muhammad Amir Hasnatuddin
Plots, houses, land, etc at Dolomuch upper and other places worth Rs2 billion.
Toyota Hiace Datsun1990 value Rs 1.5 million
Tractor 2010 worth Rs0.6 million
Toyota hilux Datsun Rs1.2 million.
Cash Rs0.1 million.
Bank deposit Rs27067. Other deposits: Rs88146.
Furniture Rs0.2 million,
House in Banigala Islamabad value Rs5 million.
Total assets worth Rs2008880000.

Muhsin Hayat
30 chakoram land worth Rs4 million
One Jimmny 1998.

Sadat Hussain Mukhfi
84 chakoram land worth Rs25.4 million.
Sports shop on rent Rs0.3 million
Motorcycle 2005 value Rs60,000.

Sultan Wazir Khan
Agricultural land worth Rs20,090,000
Residential house in Chitral worth Rs6,500,000
Share of wife in house Rs6,500,000 and Rs1,150,000.
Advance paid for DHA City plot Karachi Rs1,250,000
Toyota land cruiser 1972 worth Rs430,000,
25 tola jewellery worth Rs1250,000.
Cash in hand Rs980,000 and in bank Rs244,180
Furniture Rs350,000.

Taqdira Ajmal
Agricultural land in Islamabad worth Rs5,000,000 and house in Islamabad worth Rs5,000,000.
Jewellery worth Rs1,500,000.
Liabilities in the name of children: Rs120,50,000. –Compiled by Zar Alam Khan.

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