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Tourists forced not to visit Chitral again

By Shahnawaz Ali Khan

Tourism is a main source of income to most of the people of Chitral. From porter to a tourist guide one can easily come up with some money for their living being. After 9/11 attack on the US and then US hit back our neighbor Afghanistan it badly effects the sub-continent specially Pakistan in many ways as one aspect is that tourist bother to visit Pakistan as they were before.

Tourists forced not to visit Chitral againBefore 9/11 when US invaded Afghanistan through their allies Pakistan used to be the hub of Tourists. Tourist from all over the world would like to visit.

Now Chitral, in the northwest of Pakistan bordering with Afghanistan, is one of the largest district of KP. Kalash valley to Shandur festival, Rich culture and nevertheless local hospitable people attract tourist to some extent. People here this remote district are very loving hearted people who welcome their guest with their hearts. Due to unavailability of mobility and the roads system is too uncomfortable to travel and harsh that tourist hesitates to travel.

By now, this getting better and the situation getting some control and tourist like to visit this hidden paradise. When the weather gets hotter and swear from down town Pakistan local tourist shown keen interest to took sometimes from their busy schedule of life to come up to refresh their heads and minds.

Yesterday I was in a local guest house run by a local. There I saw two tourists from Islamabad arrived. They told us that at Lowari tunnel (Dir side) the management was too harsh that they didn’t allowed them to cross the tunnel by bike. They were on bike all the way from Islamabad. Official forced them to load their bikes to a mazda. The mazda mafia gets 300/bike to get to the other side of the tunnel. Their bikes were badly damaged due to unhandled with care by the mazda drivers.

If we want to show the world that we are the best hospitable people around the globe we must took certain measures to take care of the people who are came along away just to see our mother nature.

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