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C&W dept accused of creating hurdles in construction of grain godown

BANG: People from a number of villages at a gathering here on Monday criticized the communication and works (C&W) department for using delaying tactics in the acquisition of land to construct a grain godown in Bang to cater to the local population.
C&W dept accused of creating hurdles in construction of grain godownThe protest meeting was attended by people from Bang lower and upper, Patrangaz, Pardan, Ucho Hon and Povur etc. The participants said keeping in view the remoteness of the area and on the longstanding demand of the locals the food department had provided about Rs160 million for the establishment of the grain godown in Bang.

The godown will facilitate the locals in purchasing wheat provided by the government at their doorsteps instead of getting it from Brep by paying extra money in terms of transportation fares on their own.

The C&W department had signed an agreement with a resident of Bang for the purchase of one chakoram land for the construction of the godown. But when the food department released the amount the land owner refused to hand over the land to the C&W department and insisted on giving a piece of land in Birzoz village in the south of Bang as an alternative.

The local people are of the view that the godown should be set up in Bang as it would be nearer to the people of Pavur and Patrangaz and other villages far in the north of Yarkhun valley. They said the C&W department was not taking interest in getting section 4 enforced to acquire the land the owner had promised to provide. They said if the owner does not want to give the specific land he should provide one chakoram else where but in the same village.

The participants of the meeting said some officials of the C&W department were creating hurdles in acquiring the land and starting work on the construction of the godown.

Through a resolution, the participants called upon the deputy commissioner, the district food department and the C&W department to take notice of the delay and expedite the process to construct the godown without further delay. –Abdul Nasir KhanC&W dept accused of creating hurdles in construction of grain godown in Bang village

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