Facebook account in my name is fake: MPA

CHITRAL: MPA from upper Chitral Sardar Hussain has said he has no social media accounts and the ones being operated in his name are fake.
Facebook account in my name is fake: MPAIn a statement, the MPA said some people had been using his nam and pics to run Facebook accounts. He said he had already complained to the departments concerned about the fake accounts and seeking action.

He warned that any objectionable statements, remarks or posts attributing to him should be considered as fake. He said some elements were trying to blackmail and tarnish his image by using the fake accounts.

The MPA said he had also informed his friends and supporters that the Facebook accounts using his name were fake.
He said he would soon expose those who had created the fake accounts in his name and initiate legal action against them.

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  1. How unfortunate, poor Sardar Hussain Shah! Now you’re in a position to sue Mark Zuckerberg after senate elections.

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