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Gathering gems from the past

By Muhammad Sami (Booni)

Most of us have this strange habit of recalling our past misfortunes and feeling sordid over them. It is fairly natural and happens to everyone but the thing which isn’t normal is giving too much space to it. Having being preoccupied with it every time ruins our vital energy and positive attitude towards life.

Mistakes which we had done in the past are something which must be viewed with a positive intent of taking assistance and amending what we had done wrong. This may well help us in a more rewarding way than to cry over them and feel remorseful about what went wrong in the past.

With age comes wisdom and with every slipup we enter a corridor of knowledge which has the potential of transforming our future in a better way. But that depends on our potential to salvage from what we have lost in our past owing to our naivety or sheer unawareness.

Mistakes in one’s past can have different shapes. They may come in the form of our inability to judge a colleague, our choice to take admission in an institute which may turn bad for us – unfortunately. Our incompetence to elect a leader in voting; we may buy a product and after some time regret our choice.
There are countless instances in which our past mistakes can support us to do better in our future if we have a critical mind and a powerful urge to do reflective thinking instead of being nostalgic and remorseful.

Life is struggle to achieve good and to assist other. Life means to learn something from our mistakes, to have a better tomorrow, to have a smooth future for our upcoming generations. What if our past were a gloomy night we can, by the help of strong will and determination, turn our future into a glittering day.

For that we should at least try to be a reflective thinker, undeniably the thing which happened to us in our bygone days can never be changed but we can absolutely take some precious advice from our past experiences that will eventually turn our future into a good place to abode.

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