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AKHS’ decision to close family health unit to be challenged in court

PESHAWAR: The staff of the Aga Khan Family Health Centre and Dental Unit in Peshawar have decided to approach court against the administration of the Aga Khan Health Service (AKHS) for its plan to close the centre and send the employees home.

In a statement, the employees said they had decided to serve a legal notice on the AKHS management through their counsel Muhibullah Terichvi Advocate. They said the health centre was established in Haji Camp GT Road Peshawar in 1995 and since then had been serving the local community, especially the residents of Ameen Colony.

The health centre’s building was constructed on a piece of land arranged by Ameen Colony Housing Society while funds for its construction were provided by an NGO from Purtugal.
They said the AKHS had now decided to close the healthcare unit and use the building as a sample collection point for the laboratory of the Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH) Karachi.

Due to this arbitrary decision, not only the employees would become jobless but also the local community would be deprived of availing basic healthcare facilities at their doorsteps, they added.

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  1. Sabir says

    I appreciate the AKHSP for its decision to shut down Amin Colony centre as it was of no use except serving a handful people residing inside the colony. Spending such a huge amount for people who have access to best healthcare facility was nothing was a huge loss of the resources. Instead the AKHSP should open such a centre in remote areas of Chitral or Gilgit Baltistan, as a person living inside Amin colony can go to any best state of the art hospice anywhere in Peshawar. Good decision Dr Zafar, keep up the good work. Face these parasite employees in the court of law and I am sure you will win the case. Good luck.

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