Call to save radio station

The government of Pakistan is going to close a number of stations of Radio Pakistan under a well thought scheme. The engineering section was targeted in 2015, music section in 2017 and now the programme section has been closed.

The government has suggested that 14 broadcasting houses established in far-flung areas and border districts should be closed in the next budget. These 14 broadcasting stations are located in Sindh, Punjab, Balochistan, Gilgit-Baltistan, FATA, AJK and KP. The radio stations in D.I. Khan, Chitral, Turbat, Abbottabad, Skardu and Gilgit are the immediate targets.

The Prime Minister Secretariat and the Finance Division are of the view that funds allocated for Radio Pakistan should be diverted to the private TV channels which can be used for political gains.

The name of Radio Pakistan is not acceptable to India and Indian lobby in our country. We have no alternative but to approach honorable COAS Gen. Bajwa to intervene and save Radio Pakistan at this critical moment of our history.


Dr. Inayatullah Faizi

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