Ex-state judicial council’s records left to rot in Chitral

The Chitral State Judicial Council was the main judicial body of Chitral which was established in 1906 and abolished in 1969.

The council proceedings and records were properly archived and people were able to access the old record and take copies of the documents relating to individual properties as well as collective ownership and rights over forests pastures etc.
Ex-state judicial council's records left to rot in Chitral

These disturbing images show the current state of the Judicial Council files.

The people of Chitral demand that the district government take immediate action for conservation of our heritage and historical records.

Lawyers and journalists in Chitral should make joint visits to inspect the Judicial Council as well as the former revenue department Malia’ records.

New disputes will arise if these important data sources are not conserved.
The directorate of libraries should immediately take over these archives and digitize them for public benefit. Those responsible for this negligence must also be held accountable.Ex-Chitral state judicial council records left to rot