A complaint about utility super store

After one year of inauguration, the utility super store in Chitral still does not supply the needed items to the consumers.

The store does not have an electronic cash register and still uses the primitive method of paper register for accounting which can easily be sued for corruption. People complain of overcharging, especially during last Ramzan.

It closes before 4pm much earlier than the utility stores’ closing timing in cities.
People also complain of a lack of essential items in the store.
The staff is not eager to increase the sale. They prefer to relax and get paid like the employees of any other government department.

It should be visited by high-ups and all the complaints be addressed, especially before the next Ramazan.


A resident of Chitral.

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  1. Fully agree with the writer.The utility store does not even have a proper sign board. What else can you expect from it.

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