Compensation urged to people affected by road project

Speaking at a press conference here, Waqas Ahmed Advocate, former MPA Saeed Ahmed, ex-police officer Muhammad Saeed Khan Lal, Sifat Zareen, Safir Ullah and others said an amount of Rs60.73 million was lying in the accounts of the deputy commissioner Chitral for the last one year. On the other hand, people whose agricultural land, orchards and houses were acquired by the government for the mega project were waiting for the compensation. They said work on the project remained stalled for six months and the deputy commissioner had assured Muhammad Saeed Khan, the member tehsil council Mastuj, and others that the work would be started soon. But when the DC was reminded of the promise at Qaqlasht a few days ago, he insulted the public representatives of the area which was highly condemnable and unbecoming of a government servant. The notables from Torkhow called upon the government to give administrative responsibilities only to such officers who knew how to deal with the citizens. Secondly, they added, the government should not post any administrative officers to peaceful Chitral who  belonged to areas where the crime rate was high. They regretted that even after spending millions of rupees, work on the Torkhow road could not be started. As a result, over 70,000 people of the remote area were suffering a lot. They warned that if work was not started on the road project at the earliest, the people of Torkhow would launch a protest movement from April 15. They thanked Chitral District Bar Association President Sajid Ullah for moving an application with the chief justice of Peshawar High Court about the stuck up public welfare project, which the chief justice turned into a petition and issued notices to the authorities concerned. The notables from Torkhow on the occasion also demanded the reconstruction of a bridge in Rech otherwise over 7,000 people of the village would be cut off from other areas in the summer when the water level in the local river would increase. — Reported by Muhkam Uddin Ayuni  ]]>

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  1. The Deputy Commissioner and other officers of the district should act as “Public Servants” and they shouldnt try to copy the British Assistant Political Agents. The Political Administration and its values were valid as long as Chitral was a monarchy, we are a settled democratic district now and they government officials are public servants in democracy and should act like one. The Torkhow Road is a huge blow to the KP government which claims to be champion of good governance and reform and on other hand they are depriving the people of Torkhow of their basic rights.The road is being delayed only because its federally funded. The people of Torkhow will respond to this injustice in 2018 elections by boycotting JI and PTI the two ruling parties who jeopardized this vital project.

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